Strawberries: 7 Health Benefits You Never Knew They Had

Strawberries might be little red fruits, but they pack a big punch—not just in taste, but in nutritional value, too. With Florida's strawberry season just around the corner, here are a few reasons to reach for this brightly colored snack to help boost your health.

Your Food, Your Farmer Podcast: Danny Kushmer + Simon Bollin

In this episode of IMPAC's podcast—Your Food, Your Farmer—IMPAC's Executive Director, Danny Kushmer, interviews with Agribusiness Development Manager for the Hillsborough County Economic Development Department, Simon Bollin, to discuss economic development and veteran recruitment in agriculture today.

Vivian Howard: Celebrating Thanksgiving on the Farm

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up it was the one holiday I always felt like the Howard family did right. Christmas always seemed lackluster, I lived too far away from other kids to really trick or treat, Easter was centered around church, and summer holidays like July 4th were consumed by work on the farm. However on Thanksgiving, we celebrated the way Thanksgiving was intended to be celebrated.

Vivian Howard's Citrus Sweet Potato Butter Recipe

When we opened the restaurant, I said I would never serve a buffet. Now I know if you don't want to do something, just say that’s the thing you’ll never do. We have a party room upstairs, and despite valiant efforts to pass hors d’oeuvres, the party we host most often and execute best is the buffet.

Celebrating Veterans Who Continue to Serve Our Country Through Agriculture

For many veterans, returning home can be a harrowing experience. For some, there have been significant injuries creating disabilities that prevent them from finding work. For others, the thought of sitting in an office after years of being outside managing teams and terrain is not even conceivable.

5 Myths and Facts About Modern Farming

Although farming practices have come a long way over the years, there are still many myths about modern agriculture that those who aren't in the industry often believe to be true. Here are five common myths (and conversely, the opposing facts) about modern farming today.

Tomorrow's Tomato: Developing Better Produce Through Science

By: Anne Schwartz

Reports from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services show a steady decline in the value of Florida’s tomato production in recent years. Battling disease, pests and competitive international markets, Florida’s tomato producers face diverse and seemingly endless challenges. However, with the help of dedicated scientists, Florida’s tomato fields will soon be planted with a crop that aids producers in their goal to obtain a better harvest while simultaneously providing consumers with an even tastier tomato.

Vivian Howard: Sweet Potato Wisdom and Fall on the Farm

When I wrote Deep Run Roots, I tried to avoid comparing the lovely people in my life to food. But I made an exception when I got to sweet potatoes. My memories of my Grandma Hill are vividly linked to her preparation of sweet potatoes. She was the epitome of moderation in spirit, affection, and in her daily life practices.